Jany Young


Jany Young (In Young JANG), university lecturer in the Korean language at Université de Montréal, has a Master's Degree in Visual Arts from Paris 8 Vincennes Saint-Denis University in Paris, France (2012),
as well as a Graduate of Fine Arts Studies from Versailles Fine Art School in France (2010). She is holder of a Bachelor's Degree in Oriental Painting from Andong University in South Korea (2004). She continues her artistic approach, currently lives and works in Montreal in Canada.


1st Prize - DIY Artistic Poster Competition
(August 2020)
Korean Film Festival in Canada

1st Prize for Art Contest (Section: Professional Painting)
(June 2019)
Pierrefonds Cultural Center, in Montréal, Canada

Honorary Prize in Global Fine Arts
Art Association of South Korea

Special collection

Acquisition PADORAC 2022, Maison de la Culture
(November 2022)
by Montreal City, Canada

La Mosaïque – Municipal Library
(May 2022)
La Pocatière City, Canada

Solo Exhibition

Invited Solo Exhibition
(March 3-12 2023)
Gallery L'Onyx, in Montréal, Canada

Invited Solo Exhibition
Received the highest score from jury in call for submissions
(September 2019)
Centre des loisirs Saint-Laurent, in Montréal, Canada

Special Exhibition

(March, April 2022)
" Ouverture du parcours poétique/Opening of the poetic journey "
Collaboration with Quebec poets
Public Library(Bibliothèque municipale), La Pocatière, Canada

Group Exhibition

(November 3 - 15 2023)
"K-Art à - within MTL"
organized by association of Korean artists of Québec
Gallery L'Onyx, Montreal, Canada

(November 25 to December 15 2022)
"Au revoir 2022"
organized by gallery L'Onyx
Gallery L'Onyx, Montreal, Canada

(September 16 - 22 2022)
"Touch in Korea "
organized by gallery L'Onyx
Culture center GILDAM, Seoul, South Korea

(September 1 - 4 2022)
organized by South Korea Art organisation
InterContinental Seoul Coex Hotel, Seoul, South Korea

(May 11 2022 to June 12 2022)
" Terre fertile / Fertile Land "
organized by Artasiam
Maison de la Culture de Côte-des-Neiges, Canada

"Toronto Outdoor Art Fair"
2021 TOAF (July 2021)
TOAF's online gallery, Canada

"Selected Exhibition"
(December 2020 - February 2021)
Arruda Teixeira Avocats-Lawyers, organized by Gallea, Canada

"Art professors"
EBAMA (July-December 2020)
Montreal Fine Art School EBAMA, Canada

"The 29thAnnual Exhibition"
(November 2020)
Korean Artists Society of Canada, in Toronto, Canada

"Symbiotic world"
KASC's 29th Annual Exhibition (October 2020)
KASC's Online Gallery, Canada

"The sound of harvest"
(October 2019)
Gallery Vu, in Montréal, Canada

"Popup Expo Art Cible"
(September 2019)
Gallery 2112, in Montréal, Canada

"Popup Expo Art Cible"
(April 2019)
Gallery 2112, in Montréal, Canada

"Korea in Mtl"
Consulate of South Korea, in Montréal, Canada

Presentation of '주유청강', '월하정인'
Consulate of South Korea, in Montréal, Canada

Selected Artists
Young Gallery, Seoul, South Korea

"Corps oniriques, eclaire d’utopies"
Cultural Center of Korea in Paris, France

Exhibition for the Recognition of Outstanding Performance
École des Beaux Arts de Versailles,  Versailles, France

Paris, France

"Vente d'art"
Paris, France

"8 à infini"
AJAC Artists in Paris, France